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A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home
EPA infomation brochure about mold in your home. (425 Kb)
What You Need to Know About Mold.
A brief question and answer document about mold. (19 Kb)
Details For a Lasting Deck
Government scientists study outdoor structures and report on which details, fasteners and finishes hold up best.(466 Kb)
Identification & Reporting on Vermiculite Insulation
Information by Roger Hankey concerning vermiculite insulation, a possible asbestos containing product installed in some homes. (28 Kb)
Home Buyers & Sellers Guide to Radon
This EPA Guide answers important questions about radon and lung cancer risk. It also answers questions about testing and fixing for anyone buying or selling a home. (1,789 Kb)
Keep Your Home Healthy
Indoor air quality is important because we breathe about 5,000 gallons of air daily and spend 90 percent of our time indoors. (117 Kb)
Looking for EIFS Leaks
Usefull information about leakage in Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) (98 Kb)
Moisture Infiltration Due to Improperly Installed Gutters
Wet basement or musty odors in your basement? The cause may be improper roof drainage. (66 Kb)
Testing Your Home For Lead In Paint, Dust, And Soil
This EPA publication is for anyone who is considering having a home or residence tested for lead in paint, dust, or soil by a lead-based paint professional. (204 Kb)
How to Flush a Residential Water Heater
Extend the life of your hot water heater by properly flushing it on a regular basis. (12 Kb)
The Five Most Dangerous Hazards in your Home
Increasingly, home-buyers are learning the inside story on how hazards found inside homes can pose threats to their health. (25 Kb)

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